No, Dinkytown Athletes is a separate entity that has no affiliation with the University of Minnesota. 

However, Dinkytown Athletes is a proud sponsor and Official NIL Collective of Gopher Athletics.

Dinkytown is the official NIL collective of Gopher Athletics and a proud sponsor of all Gopher sports. DA is a separate entity and is not a part of the University of Minnesota. DTA and the University follow the NCAA’s rules and do not exchange money. DTA and the University work in cooperation to benefit Gopher student-athletes.

No, contracts, deals, and activation opportunities vary by the specific sport, athlete, and contribution. Each deal is negotiated separately and signed by the athlete.

Businesses and individual fans can contract with specific athletes for NIL deals. Contact our email address (top of page) to discuss.

Contact us directly via email (top of page) and we will be happy to help answer your questions and assist with larger contributions.

Each contract facilitated through Dinkytown Athletes includes provisions that limit the scope of the agreement to protect against situations where a student-athlete leaves the university earlier than expected (transfer, turning professional, etc.).

Athletes are not allowed to sign deal that promote alcohol, drugs, political advertising, gambling, or other areas that conflict with University of Minnesota rules and values. All deals must be quid-pro-quo between the athlete and individual/business contributing.

For situations such as these, please contact us directly via email and we will be happy to assist.

All members will receive unique benefits, depending on your membership level, provided through Dinkytown Athletes. Benefits are subject to change, but include items such as memorabilia, access to special events, and exclusive content.

Our organization is structured as an LLC based on the advice of legal experts, given its purpose and goals . Given this structure, memberships are not tax deductible nor considered a charitable donation. We recognize the importance of accommodating charitable giving and we have registered a 501c3 organization in the event our advice from legal experts changes.

  • Dinkytown Athletes uses a variety of factors to determine which student-athletes are signed and the amount that they are signed for. 
    • Dinkytown Athletes is first and foremost a member driven organization. We are responsive to our membership and who it is they want to see and hear from. This includes what teams and individual student-athletes are represented as Dinkytown Athletes. 
    • We also work hard to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding the commitment we made to the University to offer equitable opportunities regardless of team or gender. 
    • The business community also plays a part in our selection of athletes to work with. They have shown us that they want athletes who are engaging and bring unique perspectives and a large diverse audience to their products and services. 
    • Finally, donor interest continues to be a driving factor for adding athletes and teams to the Dinkytown Athletes family. As they make gifts directed toward specific NIL programming opportunities we work with them to fulfill their request. 
    • While Dinkytown Athletes exists to help provide University of Minnesota student-athletes with Name, Image and Likeness opportunities, we are still a business entity and as such we need to make business decisions to ensure the health and long term viability of our growing business. This means that our decisions related to who signs on and what opportunities they are provided ultimately have to make business sense, they have to bring value to the company with the things that they do. We have to spend the money that we have access to in ways that will result in a growth in our business, some student-athletes provide greater growth opportunities for the business and are compensated appropraite based on that potential.      

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By joining Dinkytown Athletes, you can help create NIL opportunities for our Minnesota athletes.

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